22nd February 2020

‘Binti Kiziwi’ hit video vixen returns after 7-years in Chinese prison

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The video vixen in popular bongo hit-song Binti Kiziwi, has returned home after serving a 5-year jail term in Hong Kong, China over drug trafficking.

Reports in Tanzania revealed Sandra Khan, is currently living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital after she completed her jail term in December 2019.

Known as ‘Binti Kiziwi’ Khan was arrested at Hong Kong airport in China in February 2013, with Cocaine hidden in her stomach, after she complained of stomach complications while passing through the X-Ray detector at the airport.

She was admitted at a health facility within the airport, only for scans to show that she had hidden pellets of illegal drugs in her stomach.

Khan who had broken up with Z-Anton, was later discharged from the hospital, and arraigned before a Chinese court.

Two years later, the video vixen was declared guilty of drug trafficking and was sentenced to five years in prison in Hong Kong after spending two years in remand.

Speaking to Yo Fave in November 2017, Tanzanian musician Z-Anto, whose real name is Ally Mohammed, who featured Khan in the ‘Binti Kiziwi’ hit, said, “Yes. It is true that she got arrested over being found with drugs.”

He added: “I really didn’t do anything to get her out because three years before that, we had broken up. We hadn’t communicated for all that long, neither was I close to her family members,” he said.

In the 2007 music video, Khan played the role of a woman who had a hearing disability, but was in love with Z-Anto. The two, due to communication barrier, would exchange messages using sign language and written notes.

Z-Anto visited Khan at her Dar es Salaam home on Friday, February 21, following her return.

Z-Anto made headlines in mid-2000s with the songs ‘Binti Kiziwi’, ‘Mpenzi Jini’ and ‘Kisiwa Cha Malavidavi’. He said his presence in the music industry at the time was faced with a lot of challenges. 

“I can ever blame the media for my downfall. However, in any game, there are highs and lows. The downfall of my music was because of challenges in the music industry and furthermore, I didn’t have beef with anyone,” he said. 

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