4th June 2020

Covid-19: Airline cancels flights immediately after restarting operations

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Just weeks after restarting domestic flights, Indonesian carrier Lion Air has canceled them again, citing issues with passengers not following Covid-19 regulations.

The Lion Air group, which also includes Batik Air and Wings Air, began slowly reintroducing short-haul flight routes on May 10. But the restored flights did not last long.

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The company has announced that all routes are again suspended as of June 5 due to widespread issues with passengers not properly observing coronavirus-related rules related to social distancing and health disclosures.

In a press release, a rep for Lion Air explains that “many prospective passengers were unable to carry out air travel because they did not complete the required documents and conditions during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic alert period.

“The few international flights offered by the airline have been canceled as well. Under normal operations, Lion Air also flies to Saudi Arabia, ChinaMalaysia and Singapore.

The Jakarta-based airline had taken steps to ensure safety on board, such as blocking out middle seats, deep-cleaning planes and replacing HEPA filters on aircraft where any passenger had been suspected of illness.


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