30th September 2019

Kenya Ferry hires private firm to locate victims of Sunday Likoni channel tragedy

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The Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) Managing Director Bakari Gowa, says they have hired a private firm to locate and recover the vehicle that plunged into the Indian Ocean with its occupants, yesterday evening.

Addressing the press at the Likoni island, Gowa assured ferry users and the bereaved families of the yesterday accident on board MV Harambee, that the salvage operations that were suspended yesterday continued for the better part of today.

He said they had called in more teams to hasten the search, ocation and retrieval of the two bodies and the vehicle wreckage.

This is after the police identified occupants of the Toyota Isis car that plunged into the sea, as 35-year-old Mariam Kigenda and her 4-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu.

Affected families camped at the KFS headquarters since morning, seeking answers as to why nothing had been done to retrieve their loved ones.

According to the KFS MD, the ferry operator has also engaged the Kenya Red-Cross Society team within its operational areas to offer psycho-social support to the affected family members and a contact point at the Island offices for logistical purposes.

Earlier in the day, the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) said it is in talks with the Kenya Navy to get more oxygen for its divers so as to retrieve the car.

KFS said the plunged vehicle currently lies 60 meters deep in the sea at the channel and that the available oxygen tanks can only last the divers for 30 meters deep, hence the decision to talk to the Kenya Navy to get more oxygen for the divers.

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