26th May 2020

Prepare to resume operations, hoteliers, transporters told

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Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata has urged players in the hotel and transport sectors to prepare to return to business, once the president announces opening of the economy.

Addressing the press in Mombasa, Elungata emphasised President Uhuru Kenyatta’s opening of the economy soon, after everything was shut due to the Coronavirus pandemic inMarch this year.

“All those in the hotel and transport sector should prepare to return to business once the president announces that everything should resume as normal. The time will reach and we will all resume our normal lives,” he said, Tuesday.

The regional commissioner has however, maintained that Covid-19 regulations still remain unchanged as government continues to consult and monitor the current situation.

He said plans are in progress to establish a pedestrian bridge at the Likoni Ferry channel, that will be closed once a ship approaches and opened after the ship passes, to allow pedestrians to cross over.

“This will help to control crowds at the Likoni channel during this time of Covid-19,” said Elungata.

On ‘Kazi Kwa Vijana’ sanitation program, Elungata said the project has provided a good opportunity for the youth to get busy and earn something during this difficult time.

The project which has been piloted in several areas across the country, involves youth who clear roads, markets and other public areas, and later get paid by the government through the offices of the regional commissioners, down to the area chiefs.

“Youths in this program now earn Ksh3,000 per day, which means one has Ksh12,000 by the end of the week,” said the commissioner,” Tuesday.

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